The #1 place to propose in NYC.

By February 12, 2016Tips

If someone asked me “what’s the best place to propose to my girlfriend in NYC” I’ll quickly respond the only place to do it is at the Top of The Roc at Rockefeller Center!


To me it’s one of the most magical places in New York City. For starters you’ll feel like a bird looking down upon the city. Unless you work in Manhattan in a high rise building, 99.9% of the time you’ll be looking up at buildings. It’s nice to be looking at the city from a different perspective for a change.

Another highlight is that the observation deck is outdoors. If you work your way to the very top you’ll have an unobstructed view. There’s no fence or scratched glass to mess up your amazing view!


Even if you’re not planning on proposing I highly recommend visiting the Top of The Rock. And for the New Yorkers reading this – stop being lazy and do yourself a favor and plan a trip up there!


In reality the best place to propose would be somewhere that’s meaningful for you guys. This is just my humble suggestion and good luck!


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