The high cost of cheap wedding photography.

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Congratulations – you proposed to your girlfriend and she she said yes! Or for the ladies your boyfriend proposed to you and you said yes! So what’s next? Time to start booking things…


You’ve never had to search for a wedding photographer. So instinct tells you to Google wedding photographer + your area. Some of the first ads advertise $800 wedding packages. You take a look at what they’re offering and make a mental note.


Next you go to Craigslist because one could find anything there. Now your finding $500 wedding photographers.

But as you’re doing your due diligence your finding a huge disparity between the price of wedding photographers. Prices can range from $500 – $40,000. So what’s up with the difference in pricing? Read on…


The truth is photography is not a necessity – buy it’s a necessary luxury. Do you need a stretch Rolls Royce limo? No. Do you want the extra fancy limo – yes. Do you really need a $8,000 wedding ring – no. Do you want one – ABSOLUTELY!

Let’s use cars as an analogy. Cars are very expensive. I live in NYC where mass transit runs 24 hours 365 days a week. Do I need a car to commute to work? No. I can take a train or a bus. But I chose to have a car.

So let’s say I “need” a photographer like I “need” a car. I can chose to buy a luxury car or a standard car. Yea a $500 car sounds like a deal but we all know car problems will arise. But as in everything in life there’s always a compromise. Just like hiring a $500 wedding photographer – there will be compromise somewhere.


Here are some typical complaints regarding wedding photographers:

– The photographer wasn’t friendly
– They tried to up-sell me things after the wedding
– They didn’t get the shot.
– The images were blurry.
– The color “was off”.
– The photographer was not knowledgeable.
– They weren’t properly staffed.
– The images were heavily Photoshopped (to hide the poor image quality some people will overly process them and say “it’s artistic”.
– And here’s a biggy – “I never received my pictures”.

There’s no way a person charging $500 for a wedding can be profitable. Let’s say I shoot 10 weddings in Manhattan. And it should go without saying that taking the subway is not an option. On average I’ll have to pay $50 for parking. Now if I shoot 10 weddings that’s $500 spent on parking alone! 

 Even charging $1,000 wouldn’t make ends meet. The cost living and doing business in New York City is astronomical. To be fair things are expensive everywhere. Even places historically deemed cheap really aren’t.


Since the economy tanked a few years ago, unfortunately a lot of people lost their jobs. This left many people scrambling, trying to figure out how to make some money. What happened is many people with fancy SLR cameras got the idea they can shoot weddings. Not only that they figure they’ll undercut everyone in their area. If a studio is charging $2,000 they’ll charge $500.

But the reality is wedding photography is not easy. There’s a lot that goes into shooting weddings. Ask any professional photographer and they’ll tell you to be a wedding photographer one has to be crazy and masochistic.


Many wedding photographers feel threatened. And to be truthful the $500 wedding photographers have hurt the wedding photography industry – at the expense of the customer (in this case the bride and groom).

But the truth is high end wedding photographers are flourishing better than ever. Even in this down economy. Not only the wedding industry but many luxury products and services are seeing record numbers. Why you ask? There’s been a shift in the wealth. As the lower income people lose their jobs someone else is getting rich. Did you ever see any high end businesses such as Tiffany and Coach go out of business anywhere? I haven’t.

I have a close friend who works in a high end travel company. She recently told me they offered a 40 day African excursion for $75,000 – a person. It sold out in a matter of days. While the lower end $2,000 trips wouldn’t sell out.



In life – one usually get’s what they pay for. Especially when it comes to repairs. How many times have we heard this story: Someone hires cheap laborers instead of professionals to save money fixing something. The end result – Mr Cheapo ends up spending double – to fix the mistakes of the first repair and the cost of doing it correctly by a professional.


We don’t get second chances. If we mess up and miss a shot – there’s no way we can recreate those once in a lifetime wedding moments.

When it comes to hiring wedding photographers what your paying for is the photographers experience, competence, professionalism, and time. And at the end of the day you can be rest assured they’ll be able to get the shot.


You can’t put a price on priceless. But we’ve done the impossible and put a price on our art. Our wedding packages start at $2,500. We know what brides want and we’ve made it easy by bundling our most popular products and services.


I’m not going to lie – I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I know getting married is a daunting task. It may even make you wish you would have just planed to go to city hall and get it over and done with! Become an educated consumer and take a look at our other articles.

You’ve got a lot on your wedding plate to make everything come together. Working with us will be the least of your worries. We’ll be more than happy to help with your wedding plans – even if it’s not related to photography.

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